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Stay on top of things

Inscribe directly on pictures. Dictate text and never forget any important detail. Perfect for small and medium enterprises.

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Effective documentation

Save all details directly on the picture. Save photos in the cloud. Find fotos by using the text searching field.

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Save time and money

From the hotspot to the finished photo documentation in your office - with only 2 clicks.

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Useful information can be displayed directly on the photo.
Dictated text is saved in separate audio and text files. This enables you to look for photos by using the text search field of your computer.
All data available in the cloud - only if you want it! Share it with your colleagues - business or private.

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Powerful Features

Save time and money by using the new way of documentation - DictaCam

Built to help persons, teams and companies who have to keep track of all details day by day. DictaCam combines camera and dictaphone to support your documentation process. Ideal for individual, small and medium enterprises in all branches (construction branch, insurance agencies, gardening/floristry).

Saves you and your business time and money

Distinct adjustable - use advanced tools or show your company logo

Dictated text is saved in separate audio and text files and can be found by using the text search field

Everything at a glance - for your company or at home

Save photos in the cloud - share with colleagues - increase efficiency of your company

No more annoying co-writing, error-prone and time consuming transfer of information in the back office

Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs DictaCam?

DictaCam is for everyone who needs to take a lot of pictures (private or professional) and remember details. Saving text directly on the photo reduces costs and saves time.


How much costs DictaCam?

Basic functionality of DictaCam is free to use. For the first 10 days you can test the full version of Dictacam (which includes saving to the cloud or display the company logo for instance). Afterwards you can choose between one of our handsome packages. The basic functionalities are still complimentary.


What is this app about and how can it be useful for me?

With DictaCam you are only 2 clicks away of your finished photo documentation. Just take a picture - dictate the text and click on SAVE. You will be able to remeber every single detail. And the best is, that your colleagues can access the data immediately.


Why should I use DictaCam and not any other app?

DictaCam concentrates on the basics - process and respond information. With DictaCam you can gather your information more effective than with any other app.


For which branches is DictaCam especially valuable?

Whenever you take many photos, DictaCam is perfect for you. Especially in the construction- or insurance branch thousands of photos are made every day. But also in the gardening or floristics the great functionality of DictaCam can increase your efficiency drastically.


Should I use DictaCam for my private photos?

Sure! Not only small and middle enterprises benefit from DictaCam. Private users can also use DictaCam to remember their important details on the photos.

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DictaCam is the right mobile application for capturing a huge amount of information within a short time. You will benefit from following advantages:

  • Saves time and money
  • Distinct adjustable
  • Everything at a glance
  • No more annoying co-writing in separate files

Business customers reported increased performance and efficiency, on average:

DictaCam saves my company time and money: 95%
DictaCam is distinct adjustable to my needs: 80%
DictaCam is perfect for small and medium enterprises: 90%
DictaCam improves our daily workflow: 95%
I need no more annoying co-writing in separate files: 100%

We are proud about the community we've created around DictaCam and we'll continue to invest significant resources in its development.

Updates of DictaCam are at no charge. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Choose the pricing plan that suits your requirements


Basic functionality*

Text settings adaptable

Logo adaptable

Access to text & sound files

Save to GoogleDrive/Dropbox

Monthly - 4,99€ Yearly - 49,99€**


Basic functionality*

Text settings adaptable

Logo adaptable

Monthly - 0,99€ Yearly - 9,99€**


Basic functionality*

Contains advertisment

Monthly - 0,00€ Yearly - 0,00€

* take a picture, comment it, display prepared information (date/time, GPS coordinates), speech-to-text function.

** Business customers with multiple licences can grant reduced company licences. Please contact the publisher for more information or download the order form.


Download DictaCam

You can test all advantages of DictaCam 10 days at no charge after you downloaded it. The basic functions of DictaCam are also available for free after that period.

Get in touch

Use the contact form to ask us any questions or inform us about your suggestions.

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